Moringa Oleifera

Native to the Himalayas, it is making inroads in Africa as an opportunity to improve health conditions and fight malnutrition in the poorest communities. In Sierra Leone Moringa has been described by the Minister for Agriculture Sam Sesay as “the most nutritional plant on Earth” and every part of the plant has nutritional and medicinal values that have properties to treat over 300 diseases, including hypertension and diabetes.

Effective against several disorders, such as:

♦ bad digestion ♦ acne ♦ fever ♦ cold ♦ inflammation ♦ hypertension ♦ regulates hormone levels ♦ stimulates the immune system ♦ promotes circulation ♦ supports normal anti-aging glucose levels ♦ natural aging ♦ powerful aphrodisiac

The miracle of nature

It contains

♦ Significant quantities of beta-carotene;
♦ Vitamin C (seven times higher than oranges);
♦ Vitamin A (four times higher than carrots);
♦ Vitamin E;
♦ Vitamin K;
♦ B-Group Vitamins;
♦Proteins. The protein content of the Moringa is mainly in the seeds: from them is extracted a very flavorful oil suitable for human consumption. Moringa oil presents a very important characteristic: it does not go rancid. After the extraction of the oil a residual paste with high protein content is obtained. It appears complete, i.e. it presents all the amino-acids necessary for the body for its correct functioning. Moringa contains 18 amino-acids and 9 essential amino-acids;
♦ calcium (four times higher than milk);
♦ iron (higher than spinach);
♦ potassium (three times higher than bananas);
♦ only one spoonful of Moringa leaves in dust can provide mother’s milk with over 14% more protein, 40% more calcium and 23% more iron;
♦ According to UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief), the plant contains around 46 antioxidants and is able to clean the body of toxin accumulation and strengthen the immune system.

Properties and benefits

  • aphrodisiac properties that can benefit both men and women;
  • it is an antioxidant par excellence;
  • anti-inflammatory, protects the immune system;
  • fosters good circulation;
  • improves digestion;
  • rebalances metabolism;
  • regulates hormone levels;
  • effective against acne, makes the skin softer;
  • treats colds, fever and hypertension;
  • enhances sleep;
  • improves milk production during breastfeeding;
  • it is a natural anti-stress substance;
  • anti-diarrhea and used for persons suffering from colon inflammation