Relaxation and Wellness at the Bien Être Spa

Spa Etiquette

Dear Guests, it is within our ethical vision to guarantee and protect the quality of you wellness moment and therefore to kindly follow our etiquette:
  • To book in advance your visit by calling directly our Reception numbers on +254 (0) / +254 (0) E-mail;
  • To arrive at least 15 minutes before your due appointment. Late arrivals will limit the time at your disposal for treatments thus reducing its effective benefits and your enjoyment. In case of late arrival all treatments will be completed within the time frame left and the whole cost will be charged.
  • To cancel your appointment you must contact the Reception. If done within 24 hours the appointment can be rescheduled according to availability. In case of failed attendance the whole cost will be charged.
  • To kindly fill all questionnaire forms given upon your first arrival and to read carefully all instruction and warnings contained in the forms provided and making sure to include any type of allergies, known medical conditions or medications you may take.
  • At the SPA entrance: to kindly switch off all electronic devices, mobile phones and to leave them in the allocated lockers. This is done in order to ensure the full benefit of your wellness moment.
  • To keep the level of your voice down.
  • To wear only the garments provided in the complimentary KIT which will be provided in the common areas at the SPA.
  • To kindly bear in mind that access if reserved to members only.
  • To kindly bear in mind that access to the SPA is prohibited to persons less than 16 years of age.
  • It is forbidden to enter the SPA with animals or pets.
  • To contact always a member of staff at the Reception or the SPA Manager for any enquiry you may have during your stay.

We further recommend to complete the wellness itinerary before each treatment thus preparing the skin to absorb the beneficial qualities of the products used at the SPA, this is to guarantee a total body & mind wellness result.