Leopard Point Luxury Beach Resort & SPA *****

The Concept

The Leopard Point Luxury Beach Resort & Spa is a boutique Bio resort conceived to offer something more than just an enjoyable and relaxing stay, that is, an “experience of sensational well-being between men and the environment.

Kenyan extraordinary environmental resources enhanced by the experience of selected professionals to achieve a state of exceptional harmony between man and the environment.

Luxury, Healthy, Comfort and Environment are the basic concept of Leopard Point Luxury Beach Resort & Spa.
A refined and elegant place where you can gratify the five senses using the resources that only nature can offer.

The local environments, gastronomic and cultural traditions of the local communities have been harmoniously reinterpreted in the Leopard Point Luxury Beach Resort & Spa with a responsive receptive model of modest environmental impact to create a healthy and healthy living style.

The Resort

Leopard Point is the mapped point of Kenya’s coast, near the Malindi-Watamu Marine Park, where the story tells that a pair of Leopards chosed to live and reproduce, among rocks, white sand, and an evocative mangrove grove where they enjoyed An exceptional oceanfront view.

Luxury Beach Resort & Spa, named after and inspired by it, covers that stretch of coastline to then extend into a well-kept tropical garden with ornamental and medicinal plants.

Only 15 rooms in four completely independent villas with pool and private garden, built with the traditional Swahili techniques and furnished with the experience of Italian design, using rigorously local materials.

The Bien Être Spa

The Bien Être Spa is the real jewel of the resort. Leopard Point Beach Resort & Spa’s concepts have been entrusted to the clever experience and its phytotherapy philosophy to design treatments and services using the wonderful plants of Kenya to ensure an amazing psychophysical wellness.

The Jiko Gourmet Restaurant

Jiko is the name of the traditional brazier used by local communities, and has been adopted as a name for the resort restaurant that loves barbecues. Cooking food on fire marks the beginning of cooking history.

The Jiko Gourmet restaurant is a true food spa that combines local and natural raw materials and sophisticated techniques with the experience of Italian cuisine. A proposal to live well and to be better, to satisfy the palate and sight and to do good, in line with Leopard Point Luxury Beach Resort & Spa wellness philosophy, in a harmoniously integrated environment in the mangrove woods overlooking the ocean, because Healthy Food Means Luxury Wellness. Only cooking natural and seasonal foods: carefully selected and grilled, on the plate or with the wok.

In search of African Peoples and Animals

The Leopard Point Luxury Beach Resort, however, is not only this: it will take you by the hand, taking you to explore the world that surrounds it step by step. You will be assisted by specialized and professional staff who will accompany you in search of African peoples and animals in a complete and unique experience.

The welcoming African location of the Leopard Point Luxury Beach Resort is the perfect union between wellness, peace, uncontaminated nature, professionalism and finesse.

A reserved place where you feel at home.